• Flexible Petascale Storage Solutions for Next Generation Data Centres

    Argo Technologie SA is an industry leader in multi-petabyte data storage solutions using proven industry standard technologies

  • Ready for Petascale!

    ArgoTech is built for the demands of large scale data users. By using industry standard x86 hardware, and avoiding the need for server side drivers or proprietary protocols, our customers gain unrivalled capacity and performance for every file and block based application within any operating environment.

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  • Trusted technology!

    Our Argo Ethernet Storage Fabric uses ATA-over-Ethernet, a technology standard that over the last decade has proven itself with hundreds of Petabytes of storage deployed at some of the world’s largest and most demanding organisations.

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  • Designed for mission critical

    To ensure reliability, our Redundant Array of Independent Nodes (RAIN) architecture goes beyond RAID levels of high availability with advanced resiliency features such as self-healing, near-instant replication and automatic failover.

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  • Flexibility in your hands

    Our agile architecture allows you to mix and match nearline SAS and SSD drives in any combination you like to meet the capacity, price and performance criteria you need. With support for standard file protocols such as NFS, CIFS, FTP and block based iSCSI, ArgoTech Ethernet Storage fabric is ready for any use case from on-premise, virtualised workloads and the cloud without compromise.

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  • Simple yet powerful

    Our scale-out Layer 2 Argo Ethernet Storage Fabric (AESF) and simple appliance architecture allows you to expand your storage environments to hundreds of Petabytes with predictable reliability and performance.

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  • Focused on the few

    We partner with an international community of integration specialists to deliver solutions with the highest levels of support including 24/7 multi-lingual helpdesk and direct account management. Keeping our focus purely on Petascale solutions enables ArgoTech to provide an unparalleled customer experience from the design to implementation phase of an end-to-end solution.

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