• Archive and Backup

    As more content and communication becomes digital, the need for organisation to keep copies is causing typical data storage requirements to grow by around 40% each year.

Whether its voice call recordings to meet tougher financial services regulations, vast quantities of emails or images for service users; data storage architectures need to align better with the service providers distinct workload requirements.

The storage platform needs to be able to deal with both structured and unstructured data with flexibility to interact with a wide array of file based applications and potentially block based databases and Exchange servers. With the need for longer retention periods, the storage systems must be able to offload to other media such as tape and even cloud based archives.

Proven in the industry

AoE technology has proven itself both reliable and flexible enough to deliver multi-petabyte storage pools serving large enterprise use cases around archive and backup. Organisation value the ability to use highly cost effective commodity storage technologies with self-healing capabilities offered by RAIN to ensure that data is always available. The standards based approach allows seamless integration with archival technologies including tape libraries as well as offload to cloud. ArgoTech provides a set of standard REST API’s that allows for the deployment of information lifecycle and other automation tools which further extend the value of the investment. Full details and testimonials are available on request.

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Why is ArgoTech perfect for archive and backup use cases?

  • Storage platforms can be architected for ultra-low cost, long duration archives using commodity priced drives without impacting reliability 
  • Supports both file and block in the same solution with built in compression technologies to extend capacity and cost benefits further
  • Proven ZFS based file system and CIF, NFS and iSCSI protocol offers seamless compatibility with all operating system environments 
  • Support for Rest API to allow higher levels of automation of the storage layer for granular levels of service delivery and information lifecycle management processes


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