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    The demand for cloud services has led to the rise of market leaders such as Amazon and Microsoft plus a host of others.

    Although the advantages of this scale-out, pay-as-you-grow model are significant, the downsides include relatively high cost per TB and inflexibility over service delivery.

This provides room in the marketplace for Cloud Service Providers (CSP) offering more tailored service for demanding customer and vertical markets. The key building blocks of compute and storage along with virtualisation technologies must be highly flexible yet able to provide a clear value proposition able to meet the requirements of the CSP business case.

In some cases, the CSP may well be an internal unit within a large enterprise that requires a high degree of ownership over the security, reliability and resiliency of its internal cloud. As such, the storage platform need to be able to scale-out in terms of capacity and performance while supporting the key management elements needed for a multi-tenant environment.

Proven in the industry

Cloud and IaaS providers in Canada and Australia are both benefiting from AoE technologies as way of supporting flexible multi-tenant service delivery. In such a highly competitive market, AoE provides a proven way of provisioning and scaling out storage pools that can be tailored to the price versus performance constraints of the service provider offering. With a simple, no restrictive licensing policy and seamless compatibility with every virtualisation platform, ArgoTech helps service providers to build storage architectures that meet their unique needs. Full details and testimonials of successful project are available on request.

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Why is ArgoTech perfect for Cloud Service Providers?

  • Flexible storage able to integrate seamlessly  with virtualisation platforms including VMware, Hyper-V and open source equivalents without additional drivers 
  •  Argo comes with an Open API which is compatible with the industry leading cloud orchestration and management platforms for highly automated delivery 
  • Build-in thin provisioning technologies including dynamic cache and flexible use of SSD and SAS drives for highly bespoke cloud service creation
  • Uses industry standard hardware, protocols and interfaces to allow seamless compatibility and upgradability 
  • Scales from 10GB to 40GB with a roadmap to 100GB Ethernet connectivity with IOPS beyond 1 million to support even the most intensive workloads 
  • Supports flexible workloads including offload to AWS, S3 and Rest API’s for inter-cloud integration 

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