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    The modern enterprise is highly reliant on the mission critical IT that underpin transactional processes and related databases and other information management systems.

    For many, the need to gain the highest levels of performance meant a move towards Storage Area Networks based on fibre channel and monolithic storage arrays.

However, with Ethernet now the most widely deployed networking standard and technology advances delivering performance levels that exceed FC; many large enterprises are switching to more cost effective Ethernet based storage technologies for Petascale use cases.

For large enterprises with mixed workloads across production and development environments, storage needs to offer extreme flexibility with the ability to provision quickly to meet a rapidly evolving business cycle. The monolithic arrays of the past are not suitable for an agile world where virtual servers and new cloud based services need to reside and utilise the same core networking and datacentre infrastructure.

Proven in the industry

For over a decade, AoE based storage technologies have been used by enterprise customers across the world. The ability to support a wide range of transfer protocols along with both block and file capability makes the technology an appropriate fit for the varied nature of use cases within a typical enterprise environment. Through the use of industry standard and branded technology, ArgoTech provides enterprise customers with a single point of contact able to deliver a true end-to-end storage environment able to meet the needs of mission critical applications. Full details and testimonials of successful project are available on request.

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Why is ArgoTech perfect for large enterprises?

  • Supports highest performance file and block applications from a single unified storage architecture with built in compression technologies to extend capacity and cost benefits further
  • Scales from 10GB to 40GB with a roadmap to 100GB Ethernet connectivity with IOPS beyond 1 million to support the most demanding transactional systems 
  • Proven ZFS based file system and CIF, NFS and iSCSI protocol offers seamless compatibility with all operating system environments 
  • Support for Rest API to allow higher levels of automation of the storage layer for granular levels of service delivery and information lifecycle management processes


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