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    and Video

    The growth of video surveillance is fuelling the need for massive digital video storage repositories.

    In most use cases, security video needs high performance and low latency write speeds plus low per TB costs including power consumption.

Video often has a longer retention period but with support for granular and automated deletion policies or the relocation to far-line archiving after a fixed period of time.

As video quality moves to from standard 1 Megapixel to in excess of 10 Megapixel for more advanced visual biometric applications, organisations working in this industry are under pressure to provide storage architectures that can support a wide range of analytics systems such as number-plate recognition (NPR) with seamless compatibility with existing IPv4 and newer IPv6 video devices..

Proven in the industry

The high performance, low latency Argo Ethernet Storage Fabric (AESF) connecting our storage shelves to our NAS appliances underpins multi-petabyte storage solutions for major CCTV and video surveillance services including nationwide road monitoring and usage charging schemes. Working closely with our regional partner, ArgoTech was recently selected for such a project based on its proven reliability and suitability to the required performance criteria and crucial read/write access patterns. Full details and testimonials of this project and other examples within the security video sector are available on request.

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Why is ArgoTech perfect for
security video?

  • Flexible read and write configuration to ensure real-time video is captured without failure 
  • High availability design with configurable levels of redundancy to protect security video archive from data loss
  • Flexible deployment at single or multiple monitoring centres with split-site capability for business continuity planning 
  • Direct from camera recording using standard NFS/CIFS to ensure maximum flexibility
  • Acts as standard storage pool for compatibility with leading video management systems from Milestone, Genetec, Verint, Axis, Wavestore, MOBOTIX and any other IP or ONVIF based system

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