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    Argo Technologie launches Ethernet Storage Fabric for Petascale storage solutions

    Perseus NAS and Argus Block Storage Shelf appliances offer foundation for cost effective and highly scalable storage

Argo Technologie SA, an industry innovator in multi-petabyte data storage, has launched its first pair of appliances utilising its ArgoTech Ethernet Storage Fabric to deliver scale-out storage solutions aimed at Petascale environments.

ArgoTech Ethernet Storage Fabric (AESF) is capable of scaling to multiple Petabytes through a massively parallel storage architecture. AESF uses ATA over Ethernet for the interconnection layer which benefits from very low latency and performance overhead. The use of the industry standard ZFS file system along with deep protocols support including NFS, CIFS and optionally iSCSI supports the majority of file and block based applications.

“Our ArgoTech Ethernet Storage Fabric is designed from the ground up to solve the needs of large scale storage deployments that require the capacity, performance and the simplicity that are necessary to achieve the highest levels of reliability,” says Denis Nuja, CTO for Argo Technologie.

“By developing our own fabric and utilising the existing industry standard AoE specification along with commodity hardware from our partners, we are able to deliver a storage architecture that is incredibly cost effective and support it with a dedicated international team from our headquarters in Switzerland.”

Argo Technologie has been founded by private finance from a private investor and its founders include a team that has previously held senior roles at EqualLogic, Rackable Systems and Coraid.

“We have learnt from our time within the storage industry that great technology is not enough” says Stephen Hanna, “In today’s storage market, customers data storage needs change rapidly which is why we have created Argo Technologie to be like our technology, agile so perfectly positioned to meet those needs. We are privately held and profitable with zero financial investment from Venture Capital companies. Targeting a specific niches is a more effective and consistent route to market than the typical Silicon Valley start-up approach.”

The newly launched products include ArgoTech Perseus, a NAS storage appliance designed to deliver the ArgoTech Ethernet Storage Fabric with a flexible choice of SSD, SAS and cache options. Perseus offers built-in NFS/CIFS/iSCSI file protocol support and high availability through a Redundant Array of Independent Nodes (RAIN) architecture that removes a single point of failure with automatic cluster failover and self-healing technology. The new ArgoTech Argus is a Scalable Ethernet Block Storage Shelf for connection into the ArgoTech Ethernet Storage Fabric offering a flexible choice of up to 36 SSD and SAS drives and dual 10GB connectivity.

Solution development

"There is over 200 petabyte of storage deployed at some of the world’s largest organisations that use AoE technology and we are continuing this trend by developing a solution that enhances the technical benefits of the concept while structuring the company on a more solid foundation," adds Stephen Hanna.

Argo Technologie has partnered with Supermicro, SanDisk, HGST as hardware partners for its new appliances and have initially signed up 10 partners across Europe, Asia and America to help bring the solution to market. Key vertical markets include security video, media and entertainment, life sciences, archive and backup, cloud service providers and larger enterprises.


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