• ArgoTech Perseus

    A powerful NAS storage appliance designed to deliver our ArgoTech Ethernet Storage Fabric that addresses Petascale workloads with a flexible choice of SSD, SAS and cache options to meet the most demanding challenges.

Guaranteed Flexibility

with built-in NFS/CIFS/iSCSI file protocol support that allows secure data sharing between different operating system environment and every type of application.

Unmatched performance

with flexible use of SAS/SSD plus a tuneable read/ write cache enables optimization for usage pattern, scale and data transfer needs

High availability is built in

with Redundant Array of Independent Nodes (RAIN) architecture removes single point of failure with automatic cluster failover and self-healing technology

Improved storage utilisation

through thin provisioning, deduplication and data compression to provide unmatched storage efficiencies

Long-term data integrity

with at rest and in transit replication controls and Checksum Error Correction including unlimited snapshots and clones

No vendor lock-in

using architecture based on commodity x86 hardware allowing products to come faster to market taking advantage of bigger drives and more powerful processors.


Perseus NAS Appliance

Simple, Scalable, Flexible Storage Building Blocks


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